Online G6 Adventure Challenge


RECON G6 “Online G6 Adventure Challenge” Week 2 presented by Horizon Hobby

Does self-quarantine have you stir crazy? Do you need some social distancing G6 adventure? Would you like the chance to win swag &/or products from the proud sponsors and supporters of the RECON G6 Scale Adventure Series? Here is your chance.


The RECON G6 “Online G6 Adventure Challenge” is a new weekly challenge. Each week will feature a new presenter, new prizes, & new challenges to perform or complete.
“Online G6 Adventure Challenge” Week 2 presented by Horizon Hobby
Go to & register.
Make a 30sec to 90sec video of you performing the weeks challenges. Post your video to the week 2 event discussion board.
Have your friends & family "Like" your video. The video with the most likes, wins. Share the link to your post for more "likes".
Driver Challenge – "Pie in your face" Use whip cream to make a pie. Put that pie in your face, then complete the driving challenge.
Driving Challenge – “Pop a Balloon” challenge. Blow up a balloon. Attach the balloon to your scale adventure vehicle. Attach something to pop that balloon with onto a stationary object. Drive your scale adventure vehicle into that object to pop the balloon.
Rules -
This is an online event; not a raffle or giveaway. Participants pay 5 dollars to participate.
- Make a 30 to 90 second video of yourself performing the Driver & Driving Challenges. Getting help to make the video is ok, just remember to practice social distancing guidelines in your area.
- Post your video on the RECON G6 Facebook “Online G6 Adventure Challenge” event page. Get friend & family to like your post. The video with the most likes at the end of the adventure wins the prize package.
- You may post your video up anytime after you register up to Thursday of the following week 2100hrs / 9:00pm Pacific Time.
- Anyone can participate. RECON Rascals under the age of 18, We ask you get your parents approval, before registering.
Each week will feature a different Driving & Driver Challenge. Be creative. Stay Safe. Be prudent. Most of all HAVE FUN!
Thank you for your support of the RECON G6 during these unprecedented times. We all look forward to watching everyone’s videos & the smiles and laughter that they will bring.


Manager, RECON G6, LLC