Are you wanting to have your product Recon G6 Certified? Now you can!

There will be 2 times through the year that we offer these certifications at our Recon G6 FIX events. Please visit the events page to see the currents dates these will take place. 

In order to have your product certified you will have to do the following:

  • Must complete the FIX ENDURO 12  HOUR CLASS 
  • Must be in good working condition AND must not break
  • RTR - NOTHING can be broken at the end of the race


You will receive your certificate and be able to use the Certified G6 logo on your product Starting the day after completion. You will be emailed the certificate for proof. 


Pricing for certification will be based on the Retail selling price of the item. (MAP Pricing)

  • $1-$25  (cost $25)
  • $26 - $50 (cost $50)
  • $51 - $75 (cost $75)
  • $76 - $150 (cost $100)
  • $150 - $250 (cost $150)
  • $251+ and up (cost $250)